FAQ: Pliny Elder Beer Where To Buy?

Can I get Pliny the Elder delivered?

The direct-to-consumer offer is exclusive to California residents. For $160 you’ ll get two dozen 16oz. cans of the specially packaged ‘Pliny for President’ delivered directly to your door. The price is inclusive of all shipping, handling, and taxes.

How much does a bottle of Pliny the Elder cost?

A bottle of Pliny the Elder sells for $5.59 on Instacart. By comparison, the triple-IPA Pliny the Younger, which previously had been sold only on draft, retails for about $10 a bottle at the brewery’s Santa Rosa and Windsor brewpubs.

Why is Pliny the Elder beer famous?

The beer, technically a double IPA, flexes plenty piney hop muscle but is round and highly approachable. It’s named after the 1st-century natural philosopher who is believed to be one of the first to reference hops in his writings. Elder is made with Amarillo, Centennial, CTZ, and Simcoe hops.

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Who makes Pliny the Elder beer?

Russian River Brewing Company’s Pliny the Elder is dethroned after eight years as Best Beer in America. Two Hearted Ale from Bell’s Brewery in Galesburg, MI, took the top spot on AHA’s 2017 Best Beers in America list.

Why is Pliny the Elder so hard to find?

While all Russian River beers were hard to come by due to the small area of distribution, Pliny the Elder was the hardest Russian River beer to find due to the reputation it holds. He said it was a beer everyone knew about, but just could not get their hands on due to the high demand and small distribution.

Is Pliny the Elder a double IPA?

Our flagship Double IPA, Pliny the Elder, is well-balanced with a medium bitter finish and a fresh hop aroma of floral, citrus, and pine!

Do they bottle Pliny the Younger?

2021 will be the second time we have ever bottled Pliny the Younger and a first for shipping direct to consumer! Pliny the Younger 510ml bottles will be available for pre-sale in a non-customizable 12-bottle mixed case through our website store starting January 28th at 11AM PST.

Is Pliny the Elder an IPA?

Pliny the Elder, the beer, is a full-bodied, hop forward Double IPA. Keep refrigerated and consume fresh to best enjoy this beer’s intense hop character. Pliny the Elder, or just Pliny, is one of America’s most iconic craft beers.

How do you pronounce Pliny the Elder beer?

Pliny the Elder After watching a few YouTube videos featuring employees from Russian River including co-owner/brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo talk about the beer, “Pliny” (the beer) is pronounced “Ply–Nee” where the “Ply” is pronounced like in the word plywood.

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Is Pliny the Elder a good beer?

Russian River Brewing’s Pliny the Elder held a coveted “best beer” crown for seven long years. But Santa Rosa’s famous brew has lately taken a back seat to a competitor from Michigan. For the second-straight year, Bell’s Two Hearted Ale beat out Pliny the Elder for top spot in the annual “Best Beers in America” survey.

Which is better Pliny the Elder or younger?

Although it’s less potent, Pliny the Elder comes across as sweeter than the Younger; it’s something it shares with some of the better ‘special’ IPAs out there (e.g. Tröegs Nugget Nectar, Bell’s Hopslam), although it can certainly be said to have set the standard for them.

What did Pliny the Elder say about Vesuvius?

He suggested that despite his rescue attempt, Pliny never came within miles of Mount Vesuvius and no evidence has been found that shows he died from breathing in fumes, and like Bigelow, concluded that he died of a heart attack.

What is the alcohol content of Pliny the Elder?

California- American Double/Imperial IPA- 8% ABV.

Does Russian River Brewery ship beer?

The answer is a resounding YES! But only to customers within the state of California for now. Direct to consumer laws are quite complicated and vary from state to state. There are only 8 states where shipping from a brewery to a consumer is even legal.

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