Often asked: Where Can You Buy Spotted Cow Beer?

Can you buy spotted cow outside of Wisconsin?

“ It seems to be fairly well-known fact that Spotted Cow isn’t distributed to any stores outside Wisconsin state lines. For a limited time you can buy Spotted Cow in our gift package: the Wisconsin Box!

Can Spotted Cow beer be shipped?

A: Unfortunately, we are not permitted to ship beer directly to our customers. Q: Where can I get your beer at?

Where Is Spotted Cow beer?

Spotted Cow is ubiquitous in Wisconsin and the stuff of legend for beer fans who live out of state. Immediately recognizable by its friendly green-trimmed label with a jumping cow, the flagship beer from New Glarus Brewing Co. is a lot of things, including just a pleasure to drink.

Is Spotted Cow illegal?

A Minnesota bar near the Wisconsin border is accused of selling a popular Wisconsin beer, a felony offense. Spotted Cow is made by a New Glarus, Wis., brewer, and it is illegal to sell it in Minnesota. Its website declares, “You know you’re in Wisconsin when you see the Spotted Cow.”

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Can you sell New Glarus beer outside of Wisconsin?

The short answer is that New Glarus doesn’t have a license to sell outside of the state of Wisconsin; and bars in states like Minnesota and New York have faced the severe penalties and fines for obtaining and selling it illegally.

How long does Spotted Cow beer last?

Another key area for New Glarus has been packaging, where the brewery has sought to maximize shelf life. “The shelf life of our beer is three months,” Dan says. “We tell everyone to refrigerate it, but we know in reality that it might not be refrigerated.

How long does bottled spotted cow last?

It should be noted that neither of these testaments to lasting love should be expected to age well for this long. Spotted Cow passes none of Berggren’s tests for cellar candidacy, and while a darker, higher-ABV bock will age better, 20 years is well past its best-by date.

Is Spotted Cow an IPA?

Is Spotted Cow an IPA? The short answer to this question is no. Spotted Cow has been called a lot of things that it is not.

Why can’t Minnesota sell spotted cow?

‘There’s no reason ‘ to sell in Minnesota. Spotted Cow is described by its makers as a “traditional farmhouse ale, hand-crafted and unfiltered with complex flavors.”

Is Spotted Cow the best beer?

Wisconsin brewer makes list of world’s 100 best, but misses top 10 like last year. The Wisconsin brewer of the popular Spotted Cow beer retained its elite standing as one of the best 100 brewers in the world in 2019, but it slipped far down the list. No other Wisconsin brewer made the list for 2019 or 2018.

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How much is a 6 pack of Spotted Cow?

A six-pack of bottles is $19, which would equate to $76 a case, while a 12-pack of cans is $26.99.

Why can you only get spotted cow in Wisconsin?

Burke chose Spotted Cow as her beer of choice, saying she liked the beer and the fact it was available only in Wisconsin. The brewery made a business decision and stopped out-of-state sales about 11 years ago. And that’s become an important, if not entirely well known, selling point for the brewery ever since.

What’s the alcohol content of Spotted Cow?

The finished product is an 8.5 percent ABV beer that is even more style-bending than its forebear, adding a little oomph and a Belgian twist to Wisconsin’s flagship craft beer. Because the original Spotted Cow is so easy to drink and so easy to find, it’s also an easy beer to take for granted.

What states sell New Glarus beer?

New Glarus beers are distributed exclusively in Wisconsin by 17 independent wholesalers. Many grocery and convenience stores in Wisconsin carry Spotted Cow and a few other varieties, and many Wisconsin bars have Spotted Cow on tap.

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