Question: Where To Buy Little Kings Beer?

Do they make Little Kings beer anymore?

In 1987, Schoenling bought Hudepohl. Then, in 1997, the Boston Beer Company bought the Central Park facility but not the brands. Little Kings kept brewing in Cincinnati until 2001 when production moved to Frederick, Maryland. Little Kings is now brewed in Over-the-Rhine.

Do they make Little Kings Cream Ale?

5.5% abv. Little Kings Original Cream Ale is the finest example of the rare American beer style known as “Cream Ale”. It has the body and color of a golden ale with the smooth drinkability of a premium lager.

Who Makes Little Kings beer?

Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio, announced today that they’ve purchased the brand Little Kings. The Little Kings Cream Ale, especially in the little 7 oz.

Can you still get Blatz beer?

The Valentin Blatz Brewing Company was an American brewery based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It produced Blatz Beer from 1851 until 1959, when the label was sold to Pabst Brewing Company. Blatz beer is currently produced by the Miller Brewing Company of Milwaukee, under contract for Pabst Brewing Company.

How long has little kings been around?

Founded in 1958, the story of Little Kings represents only a sliver of Cincinnati’s more than 200-year beer history, but its legacy is a long and complex one. Cincinnati’s brewing business boomed from the 1800s until Prohibition in 1920, when many long-running breweries, bars and saloons shuttered.

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What happened to old style beer?

Old Style remained primarily an Illinois brand — until 2016, when it moved its operations back across the border to where it began. It now brews its Oktoberfest beer (a new recipe) across state lines.

What is a malt duck?

In an effort to increase the variety of less sweet alcoholic beverages it carries, Sprecher Brewing Co. has brought back the nostalgia-inducing beverage Malt Duck. The contemporary version of Malt Duck was crafted out of a blend of premium beer and Concord grapes and tastes like both beer and wine, the company said.

Do they still make Carling Black Label beer?

When Carling stopped producing Black Label to focus on a more profitable lager, they found their sales plummeting. Carling and the Black Label brand are currently owned by the Molson Coors Brewing Company. Though no longer widely distributed in the U.S., Black Label remains the official beer of Beer Frisbee.

What beer comes in small bottles?

Popularized by brands like Rolling Rock, Miller High Life, and eventually Heineken, the Dutch international brewing giant calls them “minis” but other companies have used terms like “nips” or “ponies” to describe the smaller beer packaging.

Why is it called a cream ale?

And why was it called a cream ale? In the mid-1800’s, American ale brewers started losing business to German-inspired lager breweries, so, as any innovative business will do, they figured out a way to adapt. They invented an ale that drank like a lager, which later became “cream ale.”

Who made Little Kings Cream Ale?

OUR REIGN BEGAN IN 1958 Little Kings was originally brewed by the Schoenling Brewery in Cincinnati, Ohio. Legend has it that the sweet cream ale in the iconic small bottle was created when the draught beer cooler went on the fritz at Cincinnati’s famous Montgomery Inn. (Refrigeration was a finicky thing in those days.)

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