Where Can I Buy Olympia Beer?

Can you still get Olympia Beer?

An iconic, century-plus-old beer brand is being discontinued… at least temporarily. Sadly, we have not been able to find a solution to the challenges posed by the reduced beer sales and have had to make the difficult decision of temporarily pausing production of Olympia Beer.

Why did Olympia Beer go out of business?

On January 25, 2021 Pabst Brewing Company announced on Twitter that it was “temporarily pausing production” of Olympia Beer due to a lack of demand and to focus attention on its distilled spirit line under the Olympia Distilling Company brand.

When did Pabst buy Olympia Beer?

In the following years the Olympia brand and brewery passed through several hands until the brand together with many other legacy beer brands was bought in 1999 by Pabst Brewing Company.

When did the Olympia brewery close?

“We still celebrate the history of the brewery,” he said. Olympia beer was last produced in Tumwater in June 2003, finally closing after a series of operators, including Millar and Pabst, had run the brewery. The Schmidt family, who started brewing the beer in 1896, sold the business in the 1980s.

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What beers are not made anymore?

These Beloved Beers Are Being Discontinued by Molson Coors

  • Hamm’s Special Light. Molson Coors.
  • Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve. Molson Coors.
  • Icehouse Edge. Molson Coors.
  • Keystone Light Keylightful. skynesher / iStock.
  • Keystone Ice. Shutterstock.
  • Magnum. Molson Coors.
  • Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor Ice.
  • Miller High Life Light.

Do they still sell Billy Beer?

Upon each can was printed this promise: Brewed expressly for and with the personal approval of one of AMERICA’s all-time Great Beer Drinkers – Billy Carter. Despite this rousing testimonial from a hack of a sot, Falls City announced that it was shutting down in October of 1978. Billy Beer was finished.

Is Hamms beer still made?

While Hamm’s is no longer an independent brewing company, it is still sold in select markets under the Hamm’s brand and label. The beer is brewed and sold by MillerCoors of Chicago, Illinois.

What happened to old style beer?

Old Style remained primarily an Illinois brand — until 2016, when it moved its operations back across the border to where it began. It now brews its Oktoberfest beer (a new recipe) across state lines.

Can you still get Blatz beer?

The Valentin Blatz Brewing Company was an American brewery based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It produced Blatz Beer from 1851 until 1959, when the label was sold to Pabst Brewing Company. Blatz beer is currently produced by the Miller Brewing Company of Milwaukee, under contract for Pabst Brewing Company.

Do they still make Carling Black Label beer?

When Carling stopped producing Black Label to focus on a more profitable lager, they found their sales plummeting. Carling and the Black Label brand are currently owned by the Molson Coors Brewing Company. Though no longer widely distributed in the U.S., Black Label remains the official beer of Beer Frisbee.

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Do they still make burgie beer?

It was relocated to the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, where it still hangs today. Burgermeister brewery mural, now at Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, by Niko Bel-Jon in 1950, via Bel-Jon Studios. In 1936 San Francisco Brewing was the fifth largest brewery in San Francisco.

Who owns Pabst Brewing Company?

Pabst went on the market again in 2014 and was acquired by Blue Ribbon Intermediate Holdings LLC, a partnership between Eugene Kashper, a beer entrepreneur and Pabst’s current chairman and CEO, and San Francisco private equity firm, TSG Consumer Partners, for a reported $700 million.

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