Where To Buy Chihuahua Beer?

Who distributes Chihuahua beer?

Chihuahua Cerveza – Straub Distributing.

What happened Chihuahua beer?

Chihuahua is sold in California and Florida but the owners are still pushing; they say it’s coming soon to Arizona, Georgia and Texas. Customers will find Chihuahua at Total Wine & More and BevMo, as well as grocery stores such as Stater Bros. Markets, Superior Grocers and Publix.

What kind of beer is Chihuahua?

Founded in 2017 and brewed in the United States, Chihuahua Cerveza is “ The Original Mexican American Beer®.” The word, “Chihuahua” is derived from the Nahuatl language meaning “The place where the waters of the rivers meet”, referencing the convergence of Rio Conchos and Rio Grande to form the U.S. and Mexican border.

Is Chihuahua beer good?

Jess Merrick, Tampa Bay Lightning (Sports Attorney By Day, Self-Proclaimed Sassy Italian At Other Times) | Chihuahua (Chi-hwah-wah) Límon is a perfect Mexican-style beer – it’s light, goes down smooth and has no weird after taste. The salt came on a bit subtle; overall an excellent beer.

Where is Chihuahua Cerveza made?

They presently brew at two locations: Buellton, California, and Lakeland, Florida. In 2019 alone, they sold an impressive 80,000 cases.

What is a cerveza style beer?

Light and Refreshing, New Sesión Cerveza Mexican Style Lager is Pure Gold in a Bottle. At 4.5% ABV, new Sesión Cerveza Mexican Style Lager is a light, crisp, refreshing, loco-buena cerveza, brewed for a hot day, a hot date, and anything in between.

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Is Modelo a beer?

Modelo Especial is a light, crisp, pilsner-style beer. But its younger sibling, Negra Modelo, is modeled after the super-popular Munich-born dunkel style, made with roasted caramel malts and brewed longer for a slightly richer, dark-brass-colored beer.

Is Chihuahua Mexico a state?

Chihuahua officially became a Mexican state in 1824; the state constitution was ratified the following year. In 1830, an ethnic war broke out in Chihuahua that nearly exterminated the indigenous Apache and Comanche tribes. During the Mexican Revolution, which began in 1910, Chihuahua was again a central battleground.

How do you pronounce cervezas?

noun, plural cer· ve ·zas [ser-ve-sahs, ther-ve-thahs; English ser-vey-suhz]. Spanish.

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